The head & neck

Dr B is able to assist with any lump, swelling, mass or growth involving the head and neck region.  Whether the mass was noticed decades ago or yesterday, Dr B will be able to fully  assess and perform relevant investigations in order to predict and determine its nature.

Lesions involving the head and neck region may either be primary (originate from the same site)  or secondary (originating from another site).  Secondary lesions may originate from sites such as the ear, nose or throat region. 

Remember, not all lumps and growth are cancerous.

What to expect when you come for a consultation:

You will be fully assessed, including a nasopharyngeal endoscopy (putting a small thin camera through the nose) while you are fully awake and watching on our monitor (optional) if you are interested. Most of our patients as young as 14 years and are able to tolerate nasal endoscopy. Many says it’s uncomfortable but it is not painful. Some of my millennial patients even ask their escort to take a video while performing this. 

Surgery is not normally offered at the first consult as imaging investigations such as ultra sound, CT or MRI may be indicated.

Surgical options will be discussed so you understand what is involved. This may be either be for a diagnostic or therapeutic purpose.