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The Sinus Struggle

When Sinus Surgery becomes an option:

The surgery helps with stopping or reducing infections and helps with breathing through your nose, which are the main reasons for offering Sinus Surgery.

Surgery may sometimes help with an improved sense of smell, improving headaches and better sleep, but these are not by themselves normally a reason for doing Sinus Surgery.

The reason is that there are some risks involved in doing Sinus Surgery which will be fully explained to you before surgery.

We have access to a Cone Beam CT Scan at Mediclinic Morningside that gives a roadmap to help safely operate in this delicate area of the body. The detail is amazing, with a pixel size of 25 microns.

Image guidance goes further by showing Dr B where an instrument is on the scan images during the actual surgery. This is normally reserved for revision or very challenging cases.

Sinus Surgery is about 90% successful in reducing or stopping sinus infections but you may need to continue long term with nasal sprays to keep the benefit of the surgery.


Sinus surgery

Sinus problems

Sinuses are unique to everyone as we each develop differently. Some of us, unfortunately, are more prone to infections, polyps and other sinus related diseases.


Often medical treatment including saline douching, topical sprays and medication is beneficial, so these are tried first.


If medical treatment fails due to physical blockage of sinus drainage pathways, surgery becomes an option.