Cosmetic Rhinoplasty Surgery

“I want change the shape of my nose…”

Rhinoplasty Surgery:

During your first visit you will be seen by Dr. B. Your visit is likely to include a full history and nasal examination, nasal endoscopy, a clinical set of photos and a discussion on what is realistic to expect after.

Your second visit is where photos are reviewed, including pre op illustration using Photoshop. The surgery, what to expect and the possible complications are discussed and questions answered. Please bring a supportive family member or friend along.
Nasal Surgery is complex and takes time. Theatre time is expensive but Sandton Intercare has the lowest rates in the area. 
We may refer patients for a psychological opinion where extra support may be of benefit.

Note not all patients requesting surgery can be accommodated and we are selective in whom we offer cosmetic surgery to. 
Many of our patients also have functional nasal issues that may help to sort out at the same time and bring the cost to the patient down.