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The last day of quarantine 🇨🇦

...10 hours left,and counting (Canadian Time)

Quarantine can be quite challenging.

There’s only so much Taebo, Netflix and reading one can do.

Quarantine in a foreign country has its own challenges.

  • The main challenge for me was the time difference...SA-Canada time zone is 6 hours apart. By the time I’m having brunch/lunch, my loved ones back home are already calling it a night.

  • My mobile phone gets overwhelmed with attention from 2:00-14:00.

  • I truly became part of the 5am club, in order to sort out my admin .

  • Some Friends and family will amaze you and phone at 1:30 😅

You see, I’m a light sleeper, even the smart phones of today are quite loud on silent mode.

My Routine went something like this:

  • Wake up at 5-6am

  • Have coffee

  • Admin- trust me, there’s always admin to catch up on.

  • Taebo on YouTube- which is highly optional 😅. I saw myself slowly fading 😤

  • Brunch

  • Netflix/Reading

By the time you know it, it’s time to sleep or wake up the next day.

I am looking forward to exploring Canada.

Of importance, I’m looking forward to seeing my husband tomorrow 😊

This was quite a test. But above everything else, We Rise!