Kids in Preschool


For the little ones

Paediatric ENT

We welcome the little ones and their parents into the practice and enjoy having them around!



About our Paediatric ENT treatments:

Dr B is often referred Paediatric ENT cases from Paediatric Pulmonologists due to her interest in Sleep Surgery.

We work with your paediatrician/GP, so please remember the referral letter (if applicable).

You may also book a consultation directly.

The day theatre setup at Intercare Sandton is specifically tailored so that the parent stays with the child until they are asleep.

If your child is anxious about having surgery, it is very important to talk to him or her repeatedly until he or she is well prepared emotionally.

If your child is worried about injections, please reassure him or her that we do not give injections! (We may put up a drip after they are asleep...).