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Surgery for the nose

Functional nasal surgery

“I want to breathe through my nose…”


Whether you are looking to find advice on medical treatment for your nose or your are in need of nasal or septal surgery, Dr B will caringly do a full assessment and guide you through your options and treatments until your breathing is restored.


Nasal Surgery

What to expect when you come for a consultation:

You will be fully assessed, the options explained and be given medical treatment as indicated at the first consult.

If medical treatment fails, surgical options will be discussed so you understand what is involved.

Surgery is not normally offered at the first consult as medication has to be tried first.

Surgery to improve breathing when done right offers about a 95% success rate but you may need to maintain the benefit by using nasal sprays after surgery.

Medical aids often are willing to pay for functional nasal surgery depending on your options and medical aid plan. This does not mean they will pay all your expenses. You will likely have an amount to pay even if you are on a top plan.

In some cases secondary improvement in the appearance of the nose may happen due to purely functional surgery. This is well documented.

If you are not having functional problems or want to have your nasal tip worked on you will need to proceed with a private Rhinoplasty.